Competition or Cooperation? – 5 Ways to Increase Cooperative Learning Opportunities in the Classroom

While I’m not against having a bit of healthy competition at times, I would much rather be spending my energy on setting up opportunities for children to work on cooperation. So, how can we, as teachers, focus on promoting cooperation over competition? And, is there a place for both?

Cupcakes, Princesses & Fairy Wands

I remember when I had the privilege of being called in for relief work on what happened to be a free choice dress-up day in a girls’ school. There is something fascinating about how merely wearing different clothes to school completely changes the atmosphere. I was in a reception class for the day and we consisted of about 90% princesses, 9% fairies, with a Wonder Woman and ‘My Little Pony’ thrown in there somewhere.

Holding the Umbrella

A few years ago, when I was working at a girls’ school, I used to dread the ‘morning duty’. I don’t particularly mind morning duties usually, but at this school it required a lot of effort. During the winter months we would need to stand out in the cold, waiting for the cars to arrive at the ‘kiss and drop’ station.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words – Navigating Narrative Writing Part 1

A completed narrative is quite a lengthy assignment for children compared to the other sorts of projects they are usually tasked with. That is why it is helpful to have some strategies up your sleeve to encourage your children as they work on their narrative writing skills. I have taken the time to put together some of my top tips for teaching narrative writing so that you can find them all in one place and start using them today!

Why I Let My 4-Month-Old Play the Piano

In the first few months of life, babies are constantly forming and strengthening their neural connections. Most people are aware of this fact, yet many still underestimate what babies can understand. I believe there’s a lot that these little treasures can understand and are capable of at this young age, and the teacher in me can’t help but get excited about my role in helping these early skills develop.

Let Us Not Become So Focused On The Future That We Forget About Our History

In today’s world, education needs to be continuously evolving in order to keep up with the latest technological and scientific developments. It does make me question though, if there are areas of learning that become buried under all of it. After all, there comes a point where educators simply need to make decisions about what to prioritise, but I wonder how many of them are prioritising history.